Integrated Slitter Rewinder


• Multi-layered, Aluminum laminates, Hot stamping foil
• Metallized transfer paper
• Separator film
• Copper foil, aluminum foil composite
• Glass epoxy, PCB

Integrated Slitter Rewinder

The EG-7003 series is a dual-shaft center winding slitter rewinder specifically designed for slitting various film-based composite materials. The series is categorized based on rewind sizes, with EG-7003A and EG-7003B featuring a rewind diameter of 450mm, and EG-7003D capable of reaching a rewind diameter of 600mm. These machines are widely used in the flexible packaging industry and offer optional automation, driving control, and unloading methods to meet increased production capacity requirements.

For processing larger diameter materials, the EG-7003A is a cost-effective and flexible option. It is commonly used not only in flexible print packaging but also for optical films and functional thin films.

The EG-7003B series offers the advantage of integrated unwinding and rewinding processes. Besides its extensive application in the packaging industry, it is frequently adapted for slitting circuit board-related materials. The machine's structure can be adjusted to meet customer-specific requirements while ensuring ease of operation.

Machine roll width 600 – 1300 mm
Unwind diameter Max. 600 mm
Min. slit width 50 mm and up
Max. rewind diameter 450 mm
Machine Speed 200 M/min

* Other specifications are offered at request.

Standard Features
  • Shear, score or razer slitting.
  • Trim removal system.
  • Air expansion shafts.
  • Static eliminator.
  • Contact roller.
  • Swing-out rewind shafts.
  • Auto. tension control.
  • Manual unloading unit.
  • PLC control system incorporate with HMI touch screen.
Optional Features
  • Splice device.
  • Inspection lightbox.
  • Pneumatic cutters.
  • Auto. knife positioning.
  • Motorized finished roll pusher.
  • Laser-assisted core positioner.
  • Differential rewind shafts.
  • Trim waste winder.
  • Customized solutions for roll handling.
  • Enhanced fencing & safety implements.