EG-8002 | Precision Tension Control, Gaining Favor from Taiwan‘s Leading Food Paperware Manufacturer

Case Study 2023-12-12

EG-8002 | Precision Tension Control, Gaining Favor from Taiwan‘s Leading Food Paperware Manufacturer

In November, Nicely delivered an EG-8002 Duplex Shaft Center Winding Slitter Rewinder, designed for slitting PE-coated paper and food packaging applications. This marks the fourth equipment supplied to our client, a leading supplier in Taiwan's food paper packaging sector.

The client has been actively engaged in the development and production of environmentally friendly paper products, including FSC-certified paper, recycled paper, and biodegradable paper, contributing to reduced environmental impact.

The EG-8002 model shipped this time is not only suitable for food paper packaging but is also a popular choice in the label manufacturing industry. Its dual-shaft center winding configuration enables efficient handling of label materials with sensitive tension control requirements. Whether handling with paper, film, composite materials, or thicker food packaging coated paper, it offers excellent operability, effectively enhancing production capacity.

Country Taiwan
Machine model EG-8002
Material to be slit PE Laminated paper
(paper cups, paper food boxes) 200-400 gsm
Roller width 1700 mm
Unwind OD 500 – 1600 mm
Rewind OD Max.1600 mm
Machine Speed 400 M/min.
Related models EG-2003E

Nicely contributes to sustainable production environments.

Nicely Contributes to a Sustainable Production Environment

With the continuous rise in environmental awareness, particularly in the wave of reducing plastic usage, the demand for eco-friendly paper products and recycled paper has surged. From 2020 to 2023, among the models sold by Nicely, 22% are suitable for paper applications, and more than 70% of these slitter rewinders exported globally.

Equipment Upgrades for Sustainability

With nearly 40 years of expertise in the slitter rewinder industry, Nicely is dedicated to helping customers meet the rapidly changing market demands. Responding to the calls for energy efficiency, carbon reduction, and sustainability, Nicely assists customers in upgrading their electrical control systems. Through intelligent control, the system can monitor motor performance and make corresponding adjustments. Additionally, it can feed back generated energy into the power source, gradually achieving green transformation and sustainable development goals.

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