Turret Winding Slitter Rewinder

EG-7001 series

• Kraft paper & liner
• Paper, board
• Paper & aluminium lamination
• Electric tape compound materials (PE / Mica / Fiberglass)
• Cigarette paper, filter
• Nonwovens
• Art paper, creped paper
• Woven fabrics

Turret Winding Slitter Rewinder
The EG-7001 Turret Winding Slitter Rewinder is a highly efficient machine that reduces downtime and enhances productivity. With two central winding shafts, it enables seamless roll changes, optimizing workflow. The integrated web path minimizes web displacement, ensuring precise winding accuracy. Featuring an automatic cross cutter, it enables efficient web cutting for smooth production cycles. The electrically driven unloading cart allows easy movement of finished reels, adjusting hydraulically based on roll diameter. Experience improved efficiency and workflow with the EG-7001  turret winding slitter rewinder, an ideal solution for seamless operations.
Roller width 800 – 1800 mm
Unwind diameter 1200 / 1500 mm
Min. slit width 10 mm and up
Rewind diameter 800 mm, max.
Machine Speed 300 - 600 M/min

* Other specifications are offered at request.

Standard Features
  • Cantilevered center winding.
  • Auto tension control.
  • Spreader roll before slitting.
  • Circular shear slitting.
  • Trim waste air blower.
  • Pressure contact roller.
  • Auto. web cross-cut.
  • Auto. tail tucker .
  • Motorized roll trolley.
Optional Features
  • Splice table.
  • Inspection light panel .
  • Pneumatic cutter set.
  • Auto. knife positioning.
  • Enhanced fencing & safety implements.