Spooling Slitter Rewinder

EG-9000 series

• Film lamination
• Glass Fiber lamination
• Press Paper
• Mica tap
• Cover tape
• Insulation Paper
• Carrier Tape
• Masking Tape / Hot Melt Tape

Spooling Slitter Rewinder
The EG-9000 series spooling slitter rewinder offers remarkable versatility with its winding options and demonstrates excellent performance in handling various materials, such as mica tape for wire and cables, adhesive tape for flexible packaging, and hologram for security threads. This spooling slitter rewinder also provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing customers to achieve disc winding (pancake) using other Nicely's integral models and add a spooling line for narrower spooling winding as needed.

Featuring a minimum slitting width of 2mm and a modular design, it effortlessly expands from a basic set of 6 spools to meet the specific requirements. Additionally, the spooling slitter offers versatile winding patterns, including traverse, taper, stag, and flanged winding, ensuring optimal handling of insulation materials.

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Main Features
  • Shafted unwind stand. Ideal for narrow web spooling applications, the shafted unwind stand offers reliable and stable material feeding for the slitting process.
  • Choice of shear or score cutter. With the option to choose between shear and score slitting, customers can select the most suitable cutting method based on their specific requirements and material properties.
  • The minimum slitting width is 2mm. The EG-9000 series spooling slitter rewinder provides a minimum slitting width of 2mm, offering precision and accuracy for small width materials.
  • Individual trim winder. The individual trim winder helps to keep the work environment clean and tidy by collecting the edge trim waste from the slitting process in a separate spool.
  • The spooling option allows for expansion from 6 spools. With the flexibility to expand from a basic set of 6 spools, the EG-9000 series spooling slitter rewinder can meet the growing demands of customers.
  • The machine offers flexible winding patterns, such as traverse, taper, stag, and flanged winding. Customers can choose from a range of winding patterns to suit their specific needs, including traverse winding, taper winding, stag winding, and flanged winding.
  • PLC with human interface operation. The EG-9000 series spooling slitter rewinder is equipped with a user-friendly PLC with human interface operation, allowing for easy and efficient control of the slitting process.
Machine roll width 600 mm
Unwind diameter 600 mm
Min. slit width 2 mm and up
Rewind diameter 450 mm, max.
Traverse range 250mm.
Mechanical Speed 200 M/min

* Other specifications are offered at request.