EG-3D9220 | Successful Shipment of EG-3D9220 Spool Slitter Rewinder to Vietnam

Case Study 2024-04-03

EG-3D9220 | Successful Shipment of EG-3D9220 Spool Slitter Rewinder to Vietnam

Multi-Advantages of Nicely Slitter Rewinders in Fine Narrow Slit for Electrical Insulation Applications

In March, Nicely successfully delivered an EG-3D9220 Spooling Slitter Rewinder to Vietnam.

This machine is designed for narrow mica tape slitting, marking the nearly 10th purchase of Nicely's slitter rewinder by this customer. Since 2012, Nicely has been delighted to witness our customer's continued growth over the years and are grateful to be part of their journey toward success.

Nicely understands that behind every machine lie the production needs and expectations of customers. Therefore, we are committed to continuously improving product quality and functionality, offering customized solutions to meet customer requirements.

We look forward to the EG-3D9220 bringing more success to our customers and fostering long-term collaboration to create a brighter future together.

Case Features

The EG-3D9220 is equipped with the Nicely EG-300 Multi-Purpose Slitter Rewinder at the front end, featuring a short distance between rollers for accurate slitting and precise winding. Following the winding process, it is connected to the EG-9000 series Spool Winder which allows a variety of winding modes according to specific product requirements. 

Due to its benefit of offering dual winding configurations, pancake rolls and spools, which expands the possibilities for downstream processes. This not only significantly enhances length output capacity but also reduces downtime. 

By choosing the spooling mode and setting the traverse width, the total length of spooled products is more than 20 times greater than that of pancake winding under the same outer diameter requirement.

Moreover, the modular spool winding configuration allows for future capacity expansion, freeing budgets from being constrained by production capabilities and enhancing equipment flexibility.

Learn more about the Winding Techniques for Narrow Slits

Country Vietnam
Machine model EG-3D9220
Material to be slit Mica tape
Roller width 600 mm
Unwind OD 600 mm
Rewind OD 600 mm for Pancake roll
400 mm for Spool roll
Machine Speed 10 - 200 M/min.
Related models EG-9000 series, EG-300 series
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