Nonwoven Master Winder

EG-SR series

• Meltblown nonwovens
• Airlaid nonwovens
• Spunlace nonwovens
• Spunbond nonwovens

Nonwoven Master Winder
EG-SR In-line master winder is a high reliable master roll winder capable of integrating with clients’ nonwoven upstream line for a seamless production. This master roll winder features flying splice, master roll handling system, and an inline slitting that is an add-on for different winding configuration.
Roller width 1100 – 5800 mm
Max. Rewind diameter 2400 mm*
Max. Machine speed 450 M/min*

* Speed and rewind diameter depend on material properties.

Standard Features
  • Surface winding design.
  • Load cell tension control.
  • Driven drum roll with rubber coated.
  • Spreader roller.
  • Automatic roll taking-off.
  • Automatic flying splice.
  • PLC control system incorporate with HMI touch screen.
Optional Features
  • Slitting function.
  • Trim handling device.
  • Extended finished roll storage.
  • Shaft handling system.
  • Enhanced fencing & safety implements.