Duplex Shaft Center Winding Slitter Rewinder

EG-7008A series

• PSA , film & paper labelstock
• Liner-less thermal papers
• Coated, uncoated paper
• Pharmaceutical materials
• Aluminum lamination

Duplex Shaft Center Winding Slitter Rewinder
The EG-7008A series is a popular and highly sought-after model in the self-adhesive and PSA label industries. It is known for its exceptional features that enhance the overall experience. With an anti-telescoping device at the unwinder, a knife clean device, and a finish reel push-out device, this series ensures a smooth and convenient interface for operators. Moreover, the unloading system is designed to seamlessly transition from a vertical to a horizontal position, and it offers the added advantage of self-rotation, enabling efficient packing solutions.
Roller width 1000 – 2300 mm
Unwind diameter 800 mm 1500 mm
Min. slit width 50 mm and up
Max. rewind diameter 800 mm
Machine speed 300 / 500 / 800 M/min

* Other specifications are offered at request.

Standard Features
  • Shaftless unwind stand.
  • Overhead or Underneath web path.
  • Shear or razer cutters.
  • Trim removal system.
  • Pressure contact roller.
  • Motorized finished roll pusher.
  • Manual unloading unit.
  • PLC control system incorporate with HMI touch screen.
Optional Features
  • Splice device.
  • Inspection lightbox.
  • Motorized web threading.
  • Pneumatic cutters.
  • Auto. knife positioning.
  • Differential rewind shafts.
  • Laser-assisted core positioner.
  • Motorized unloading system.
  • Trim waste winder.
  • Enhanced fencing & safety implements.
  • Finished roll bundling, weighing, conveying, and palletizing system.