Nicely Machinery: Driving Sustainable Food & Pharma Packaging with Cutting-Edge Slitter Rewinders

Case Study 2024-01-16

In 2023, manufacturers worldwide experienced lower-than-expected economic conditions, with stagnant market inventories and hindered investment momentum. Notably, the only accelerating trend is the global demand for environmental sustainability and carbon reduction. As we step into 2024, Nicely Machinery would like to take this chance to showcase the achievements in the field of food and pharmaceutical packaging in 2023. Additionally, how Nicely assist our clients to achieve machine sustainability.

Slitter Rewinders are Blasted for Global Food & Pharmaceutical Packaging

In 2023, Nicely Machinery successfully deployed multiple slitter rewinders for pharmaceutical & packaging applications. Our production facilities span across Asia, Europe, North and South America, handling plastic base materials with thickness ranging from 100µ to 800µ, including coated and uncoated plastics, along with other environmentally innovative materials.

EG-7000 series Duplex Center Winding Slitter Rewinder :

Roller Width : 600 mm - 2300 mm
Unwind Diameter : 1500 mm, max.
Rewind Diameter : 900 mm, max.
Speed : 600 M/min, depends on material properties.

Building Lasting Partnerships: Advantages Beyond Pricing

The mainstream approach in the packaging industry involves duplex shaft center winding designs, emphasizing factors such as shaft load, material thickness variation, and tension control in structural design. However, the technological threshold for the slitter used in most packaging materials is not particularly high, making it more susceptible to price competition.

While an attractive price is undoubtedly a stimulus for purchases, it may not be the determining factor. Deliberative clients prioritize machine investment, additional value and services. How does Nicely Machinery, beyond competitive pricing, demonstrate advantages that foster long-term partnerships?

Flexible Design: Tailoring to Production Capacity and Operational Needs

Illustrating with our recent delivery of the EG-7009 slitter rewinder, we extended the possibilities to meet various production conditions:

Additional Features to the Original Mechanism

Master roll handling, CCD defect detection system, overhead heating function, suspended rewind station, and elevating unloading trolley. The customized suspended rewind station particularly enhances rewind load by 50%, improving operational convenience, safety, and durability.

Precise Rewind and Operational Enhancements

According to certain critical material properties, we designed a special touch roller, horizontal linear acting contact roller ensuring precise tension regulation for products. An upgraded rewind shaft support device effectively extended the lifespan of rewind shafts by 30%.

Intelligent Automation

The overall automation level of this equipment offers diverse enhancements for operational convenience and production efficiency: electric web threading system, automatic knife positioning, automatic positioning of rewind station, auto-positioning laser core alignment, automatic product unloading, and roll handling system. This results in over a 50% reduction in manual intervention, simultaneously improving efficiency and safety.

Within the automation blueprint, the customization level is particularly high for the rear-end roll handling configuration. Nicely's proposal enables seamless integration from the product to the conveyor, performing weighing, packaging, and stacking for a comprehensive solution.

Reliable Post-Sales Service: Prioritizing User Experience and Ensuring Production Operation

As machinery digitization surges globally, post-sales service demands more than transparency. Data-driven subscriptions or upgrades might become the norm. Nicely Machinery, however, stands out with its efficient business model that translates to a reliable and immediately accessible technical service network. This ensures prompt support during breakdowns, earning praise from customers across diverse fields over the years.

Driving Equipment Sustainability - The plastic film industry in a transforming packaging landscape

The plastic films in the competitive packaging industry are undergoing transformational challenges.

  1. Material Transformation to High-Value Materials: Such as energy films and flexible electronic packaging.

  2. Enhancing Equipment Capabilities: Expanding production capacity through speed increases and conversion rate improvements.

  3. Carbon Reduction and Energy Efficiency Considerations: Such as upgrading to high-efficiency motors and implementing digital cloud monitoring.

No matter which challenge is chosen, the equipment must keep up with the pace of change, and replacing old equipment is not the only solution.
Nicely has been a strong advocate for retrofitting and upgrading customers' existing slitters to create new value and enhance efficiency. In 2023, Nicely assisted 13 domestic and global customers with over 50 equipment modifications, including electrical control upgrades, mechanical changes, and automation introduction. These modifications were made to meet the needs of the evolving new material market, the modifications benefitting not only Nicely’s slitters but also those from other brands.

While the exact financial gain may be challenging to quantify, revitalizing slitter rewinders through retrofitting, upgrades, and modernization offers clients multiple advantages, including saving capital for new equipment purchases and simultaneously lowering maintenance costs and frequency. This approach represents a significant initial step towards sustainable equipment practices.

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