EG-7009 | Tenth-time Repurchase, Highly Favored by Customers

Case Study 2024-04-30

EG-7009 | Tenth-time Repurchase, Highly Favored by Customers

Following the intensive acceptance schedule with our European client at the end of March, which involved three days of rigorous testing and review, Nicely has completed some significant add-ons in April. This included the shipment of two EG-7009 top-bottom shaft slitter rewinders and one EG-R900 doctoring machine with a trim winder, all designed for pharmaceutical packaging.

These slitter rewinders are destined for the client's production bases in Europe and China. To date, nearly ten units have been installed across the client's global operations. We are grateful for our customer's ongoing support and look forward to further collaborations.

Machine Brief Features:

Nicely EG-7000 series has long been a popular choice, due to its dual-shaft center winding slitter rewinder configuration, which is ideally suited for the flexible packaging industry.

Beyond slitting and rewinding, Nicely offers a highly customizable product unloading system. It is specifically designed to meet the unique downstream handling requirements of customers, adding convenience to in-plant logistics and facilitating smoother operations.

Learn more about the:Flexible Packaging Film Slitting : Understanding Process and Select the Right Slitter.

Country / Region Europe
Machine model EG-7009
Material to be slit Pharmaceutical materials
Roller width 1750 mm
Unwind OD 300 – 1300 mm
Rewind OD 250 – 800 mm
Machine Speed 350 M/min.
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