Single Shaft Center Winding Slitter Rewinder

EG-4 series

• Corrugated paper
• Coated / uncoated paper, board.
• Label stock
• Fiberglass mesh
• PE foam tape
• Paper & aluminium lamination
• PVC lamination

Single Shaft Center Winding Slitter Rewinder
EG-4 series series is a highly efficient center winding slitter rewinder that incorporates advanced technology for optimal performance. With its center winding capability, this machine is designed to handle a wide range of materials that require larger roll diameters, including label stock and various lightweight sensitive films to heavy paper laminates.

One of the standout features of the EG-4 series is that as the roll diameter increases during the rewinding process, the winding position shifts accordingly. This dynamic adjustment ensures consistent tension control throughout the entire winding process, resulting in superior roll density and impeccable winding quality.
Roller width 800 – 1800 mm
Unwind diameter 1200 / 1500 mm
Min. slit width 20 mm and up
Max. Rewind diameter 1200 / 1500 mm
Machine Speed 400 / 600 M/min

* Other specifications are offered at request.

Standard Features
  • Cantilevered center winding.
  • Shaftless unwind stand.
  • Auto tension control.
  • Circular shear slitting.
  • Trim waste air blower.
  • Contact pressure roller.
  • Finished roll trolley.
  • PLC control system incorporate with HMI touch screen.
Optional Features
  • Overhead web flow.
  • Splice table.
  • Pneumatic cutter set.
  • Auto. Knife positioning.
  • Trim suction blower with crusher.
  • Built-in or independent trim winder.
  • Laser-assisted core positioner.
  • Differential rewind shaft.
  • Motorized unloading trolley.
  • Enhanced fencing & safety implements.