Primary Slitter Rewinder

EG-8003 Series

CPP, CPE, OPP (Plain / Metalized / Shrinkable / Rigid)
• LDPE / Nonwoven / Laminations
• Acrylic adhesive

primary slitter
The EG-8003 series primary/secondary slitter rewinder is a highly versatile solution catering specifically to films used in flexible packaging and optical film applications. With its automated features and innovative control systems, this series offers exceptional performance. The motorized web threading, driven spreader rolls, and customizable advanced controller greatly enhance operational efficiency and flexibility. The inclusion of automatic knife positioning and rewind arm positioning further reduces downtime, ensuring smooth and swift operations.

In addition to our new primary slitter, Nicely Machinery is renowned for its expertise in retrofitting other-brand primary slitters. This retrofitting service provides customers with the opportunity to increase productivity and efficiency while making a reasonable investment.
Roller width 1500 - 7800 mm
Unwind diameter 1000 / 1500 mm
Min. slit width 300 mm and up
Max. rewind diameter 1200 mm
Machine speed 400 / 600 / 800 M/min

* Other specifications are offered at request.

Standard Features
  • Shaftless unwind stand.
  • Shear or razer cutters.
  • Individual winder.
  • Trim waste winder.
  • Manual unloading cart.
  • Spreader roller.
  • PLC control system incorporate with HMI touch screen.
Optional Features
  • Splice device.
  • Inspection lightbox.
  • Motorized web threading.
  • Auto. Knife positioning.
  • Dust remover.
  • Auto. winder positioning.
  • Motorized unloading system.
  • Electrical actuator system.
  • Enhanced fencing & safety implements.