Copper Foil Slitter Rewinder

EG-5000 Series

• Copper foil for battery application
• Electro-Deposited copper foil
• Copper micro thin layers

Copper Foil Slitter Rewinder
The EG-5000 Series Copper Foil Slitter Rewinder is equipped with advanced cutting technology, adjustable wrap angles, dust cleaning rolls, and anti-curling bars to ensure precise cutting and minimize wrinkles or creases on the copper foil. The shaftless winding and roll handling system improve efficiency and reduce labor requirements for unloading. These features offer maximum customization options to meet specific customer requirements and minimize material waste. Experience the superior performance and efficiency of the EG-5000 Series Copper Foil Slitter Rewinder for your copper material processing needs.
Roller width 1200 – 1500 mm
Material thickness 6μm ~ 420μm
Unwind diameter 600 mm
Min. slit width 200 mm or trim only
Min. Width of Trim Waste 8 mm
Max. rewind diameter 450 mm
Machine Speed 60 ~150 M/min

* Other specifications are offered at request.

Standard Features
  • Shafted unwind stand.
  • Shear or razor slitting.
  • Trim waste winder.
  • Auto. tension control.
  • PLC control system incorporate with HMI touch screen.
Optional Features
  • Splice device.
  • Curve-free device.
  • Dust clean roller.
  • 6” rewind air shaft.
  • Shaftless rewind station.
  • Enhanced fencing & safety implements.