Semi-Automatic Core cutters

EG-NC series

• 3" paper tube
• 6" paper tube
• other sizes are available upon request.

EG-NC601 automatic core cutter is equipped with a range of automatic features, streamlining the cutting process and ensuring optimal performance. Its user-friendly interface allows for quick and easy settings adjustment, accommodating various core diameters and wall thicknesses. Our EG-NC601 automatic core cutter can be customized with or without a loading device to accommodate different customer requirements.
Max. Parent core length 2000 – 6800 mm
Paper tube I.D I.D 76 - 152.2 mm
Paper tube O.D O.D 102 - 182.4 mm
core thickness Max. 20 mm
Cutting length Min. 10 mm
Standard Features
  • Loading tube rack.
  • Programable production receipe.
  • Pneumatic cutting tool.
  • accommodate core clamp and core module. (3” & 6”).
  • Core collector.
  • Lift-type safety cover with windows.
Optional Features
  • Core loading ramp.
  • Different tube size other than 3”& 6” is quoted at request.