E+L Conducted a Comprehensive Product Introduction Session at Nicely

Customer Care 2023-12-18

Versatile Learning Skills! E+L Education Training Enhances Professional Agility

E+L Product Knowledge Upgrade for Enhanced Expertise!

In November, Nicely had the privilege of hosting Jeff Lin, a senior Business Manager from E+L (Erhardt+Leimer ) Taiwan, to conduct a comprehensive product introduction session for our sales and R&D teams. This included insights into the technical applications of new products!

Amid the rapid evolution of technology, delivering more precise product performance and quality to our customers remains Nicely's persistent commitment. Therefore, our frontline sales team and R&D engineers need to stay abreast of market product dynamics.

Collaboratively building a high-quality slitter

To guarantee the delivery of the finest and most reliable slitting equipment to our customers, Nicely maintains exceptionally high standards in component reliability, with a particular emphasis on brand recognition for quality and service. E+L, a globally renowned brand in edge guiding systems and tension control, is one of the excellent long-term collaborators with Nicely.

In the manufacturing processing of Nicely’s slitters, 80% are manufactured in Taiwan. However, when it comes to the selection of electronic control components, 80% are international brands, driven by the assurance of global service. Taking the EPC edge guiding system as an example, Nicely's adoption, either by customer's preferences, reaches as high as 90% of the total shipped machines. This highlights the outstanding quality of E+L, widely recognized and trusted.

Global Presence Providing Professional Services

It's worth noting that 70% of Nicely's machines are exported worldwide. With E+L having business locations across the globe, they can promptly address various customer situations, reducing downtime and minimizing the costs associated with maintenance wait times. This mutual cooperation ensures the smooth operation of Nicely’s slitter rewinders.

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