【Announcement】Nicely 2024 New Catalog

News 2023-10-25

【Announcement】Nicely 2024 New Catalog - Unlocking Possibilities

After a remarkable 10-year journey, NICELY proudly presents our 2024 catalog! It's more than a catalog; it's a testament to our commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability, highlighting professionalism and top-tier service for the next ten years of innovation.

The catalog showcases a decade of growth with diversified applications, wider web widths, increased automation, and higher speeds, reflecting our dedication to progress.

With an emphasis on visual content, it features high-quality equipment detail photos, ensuring you have all the insights you need.

【Design Concept】

The catalog's cover design aligns with our logo's theme, "Unlocking Slitting/Converting Possibilities," reaffirming our commitment to providing tailored solutions. The cover is crafted from natural, unbleached kraft paper pulp, without dyes or pigments, staying true to the essence of pulp. Matte inner pages highlight simplicity and dedication to sustainability.

The cover includes a special blank request form to assist you in specifying Slitter Rewinder requirements. We are here to cater to your needs and facilitate smooth communication.

Stay ahead in the industry; explore our 2024 catalog. Contact us today to request your copy and join us in shaping the future!

Avon Liu / [email protected]

Key Components of Slitter Rewinder : optional auto knife placement
Key Components of Slitter Rewinder : optional auto web threading system
Key Components of Slitter Rewinder : optional auto winder positioning
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