Exhibitions 2023-03-14

Date: Mar 14 - 16, 2023
Add: Munich Trade Fair Center, Munich, Germany


Nicely Machinery will be at the booth A6-450 for the upcoming ICE Europe 2023 to welcome visitors and present the latest achievements and our commitments to customers. 

Straight to the point, “What is your lead time?” This question might be the most intricate situation we have to deal with in the post-pandemic era. We all know the facts that raw material shortages, supply chain disruptions, and short staffing have brought a significant impact on the lead time and those are the obstacles the machinery manufacturers are suffering now. One of our customers mentioned that their order for a regular transport roller from a current supplier would take a year or so to ship. This is inconceivable to us because Nicely’s lead time for a slitter would be relatively shorter than that. says Terry Chen, General Manager of Nicely.

Aware of the drastic changes in global delivery schedules, Nicely promptly made corresponding adjustments in procurement strategies. At present, 80% of the equipment parts and components are processed and sourced from various domestic industries in Taiwan while 20% of fundamental control systems are from global leading brands which Nicely maintains a strong supplier relationship to assure our inventory to mitigate possible contingencies. Thanks to the partners who are willing to align with Nicely’s delivery commitment to customers.

Delivering on the promises - Lead time, Versatile, and Services to customers are what Nicely always stood for. Our Nicely team will be at booth A6-450 for the coming ICE EUROPE 2023 held in Munich, Germany. We are looking forward to having the great opportunity to meet and grow together with you in the near future ! 

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