From Vision to Reality | Nicely Sustainable Milestone!

News 2023-12-25

From Vision to Reality | Nicely Sustainable Milestone!

Riding the global green wave, Nicely has long prioritized Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), actively participating in sustainable initiatives to support international trends. A year ago, Nicely, staying true to its principles, responded to the call for green energy by installing 554 solar panels, injecting new life into environmental and energy conservation efforts! Within one year, this green energy has generated an impressive 203.93 kWh, it is estimated that carbon emissions will be reduced by 100.84 MT CO2e per year,showcasing Nicely's commitment to sustainability and tangible environmental-friendly results.

Adhering to the Highest Standards

To ensure the quality and efficiency of solar panels, Nicely meticulously selects reputable manufacturers, ensuring that all cables meet CNS specifications and UL certification, providing the utmost quality assurance. Additionally, Nicely insists on comprehensive biannual maintenance for solar panels, guaranteeing their long-term operational efficiency to maintain a stable power generation performance.

The Sustainable Path, Unwavering Environmental Mission

This is not just a carbon reduction initiative; it's Nicely's substantial effort for a sustainable green environment. We firmly believe that environmental protection is not only a responsibility but also an essential route for corporate sustainability. Nicely will continue to uphold this environmental mission, dedicating efforts to the Earth's environment, working together to create a better future!

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