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Media press - C2 Coating & Converting_Issue 97

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LEAD TIME, competitively

Straight to the point, “What is your lead time?” This question might be the most intricate situation we have to deal with in the post-pandemic era. We all know the facts that raw material shortages, supply chain disruptions, and short staffing have brought a significant impact on the lead time and those are the obstacles the machinery manufacturers are suffering now. “ One of our customers mentioned that their order for a regular transport roller from a current supplier would take a year or so to ship. This is inconceivable to us because Nicely’s lead time for a slitter would be relatively shorter than that. ” says Terry Chen, General Manager of Nicely.

Aware of the drastic changes in global delivery schedules, Nicely promptly made corresponding adjustments in procurement strategies. At present, 80% of the equipment parts and components are processed and sourced from various domestic industries in Taiwan while 20% of fundamental control systems are from global leading brands which Nicely maintains a strong supplier relationship to assure our inventory to mitigate possible contingencies. Thanks to the partners who are willing to align with Nicely’s delivery commitment to customers.

VERSATILE, from papers to energy storage industries

( A completed paper core production line from jumbo roll paper to bundle of cores. )

Papers & Cores

The surface winding paper slitter EG-2003E is an ideal model for kraft paper, single sided siliconized paper, and various heavy-duty applications. The largest size Nicely has ever installed in Europe is for carton cardboard with width of 3200mm for the packaging industry.

Apart from slitters, the secret menu in Nicely’s catalog is none other than paper tube winding line (EG-WAH series) and core cutters (EG-NC series). “These two models are like a Chef’s hidden recipe for VIP. One customer came to Nicely for a coreboard slitter but ended up being amazed by Nicely’s paper tube making machine. ” says Terry Chen, General Manager.

EG-WAH series, the spiral paper tube winding line produces cardboard cores ranging in size from 3” (76mm) to 24” (620mm) and features an inline automatic cutting station for consistent operation. EG-NC series, downstream automatic core cutter cuts paper tube into various sizes according to the programmed quantities and core lengths. EG-NCHDP a paper tube finishing line can handle a considerable amount of paper tubes for sectional cutting, edge polishing, and bundling.

( A slitter rewinder installed for a world-leading label company. (EG-8002 series ))

Films & Labels

Due to the global market fluctuation, the demands for label and film packaging might shift slightly in the overall investment but the trend of growing appears to be on the track. This reflects on Nicely’s label slitters (EG-7008A series & EG-8002 with maximum output diameter of 800mm and 1200mm respectively) with a solid sales volume in label applications, thus the growth of the label market remains quite promising from our observation.

When it comes to the film applications for packaging, Nicely just acquired two orders for EG-8003 secondary slitter rewinder recently for width of 7.8 meters PET shrink film. These two machines are expected to be put into operation in 2024 and will be the largest slitter ever made in Taiwan. (currently, the largest record of a Taiwan-made slitter is 5.8 meters width BOPP film slitter manufactured by Nicely in 2019)

At the ICE Europe 2023, Nicely will feature the end-of-line roll handling systems customized for machine users with roll removal, wrapping, weighing, and palletizing functions. In terms of automation or semi-automation, several add-ons are available to smooth production workflow, thereby increasing productivity and enhancing operation safety.

( More than 20 sets of copper foil slitters have been installed to Europe. )

Copper foil & Battery materials

In the early 1990’s, Japan machinery was at the forefront of making high-quality machines for copper foil lines, however, growing demands prompted Taiwanese copper foil producers to seek new machine suppliers and technical support locally. Nicely seized the opportunity to launch slitters for this market, then soon the success of EG-5000 copper slitter rewinder bloomed among the copper production plants in Taiwan during 1990 to 2000. Shortly, Nicely's copper slitters broadened quickly to customer’s investment in China, thus became recognized as a major supplier in the Asian regions since 2000.

Nicely’s latest model EG-5003 series copper foil slitters are installed in Europe, with a total of more than 20 sets of machines serving the energy industry in full swing. The EG-5003 features High-precision cutting technique, variable wrap angle, dust clean roll, shafted & shaftless winding solutions. During the exhibition, Nicely will present the technical concept with a 3D image presentation.

SERVICES, appreciated by customers

After-sales service

From the machine on-site trial before shipment, preparing for the delivery, commissioning at customer’s firm, or even the service hot-line, customer’s satisfaction of machine performance is the top priority of the entire Nicely team. Customers feel it too !

“Nicely service teams are often praised by customer’s production leaders for our high-quality cutting results and excellent control in tension made by coherent system operation. Our service team is highly skilled for the real-time support or remote support via digital communications to troubleshoot abnormalities immediately, which is so appreciated and supportive! "says a front-line service engineer.

Retrofitting, sustainable solutions

As the inflation pressure becomes even intense, customers are tending to be more budget-minded on machine investment. Nicely is pleased to provide retrofitting service for upgrading either Nicely or NON-Nicely slitters to help increase productivity and improve the quality of finished rolls. The upgrading implementation are available for :

  • Rewind Arms Replacement.
  • Automated functions for rewind arms and knife positioning.
  • Drives Replacement.
  • PLC, control system upgrade.

Recently, Nicely will ship some parts for a retrofit project requested by a world-leading plastics customer in Texas, USA who has already done several upgrades successfully by Nicely for their global operations. By retrofitting a dated machine, Nicely is confident to save customers up to 50% investment budget and huge maintenance cost.

Delivering on the promises - Lead time, Versatile, and Services to customers are what Nicely always stood for. Our Nicely team will be at booth A6-450 for the coming ICE EUROPE 2023 held in Munich, Germany. We are looking forward to having the great opportunity to meet and grow together with you in the near future !

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